Our Mission : Bring the taste of Andalucía to Taiwan

Andayá, is a Company focused on the importation, distribution and promotion of premium quality products of the Spanish Wine & Gastronomy.

Being from Andalucía, a place with a rich culture of gourmetism and warmth, founder Francisco and Wan-Hsuan, a long-term expat in Spain, personally meet with all the suppliers to ensure the highest quality of selections that ultimately become Andayá products!

We pride ourselves in our carefully curated selection of foods and drinks that would take you on a culinary journey through Spain.

Our main product lines include: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Iberic Ham (De Campo), Manchego Cheese, Dried Fig Treats, Nuts and Wines (award winning wines including: red, white, sweet and more).

Proudly founded by Taiwanese business manager Wan-Hsuan Chen, who spent the greater half of her 20's in Spain, and Spanish engineer Francisco, whose unmatched passion for gastronomy and wine is the core vision of the company!

Our background: Where do we come from


Fran's hometown is Málaga, a sunny city in southern Spain, rich in a unique food culture. During his PhD in Chemistry at NTU, he discovered how easy was to find good red and white wines in Taiwan, while sweet wines, typical in his hometown, were rare. Therefore, he has always wanted to bring those special and traditional flavors to Taiwan.
Shelly has lived in Latin America and Europe for many years to study and work, especially the Spanish language and culture, including music, dance and food. She also agrees with Fran's philosophy, which is why the two of them founded Andaya in 2018, hoping to bring the taste from Andalucía to Taiwan!